July 20 2017:

German premiere for Half-life in Fukushima at Fünf Seen Filmfestival in Munich.

Fünf Seen Filmfestival 2017

July 19 2017:

Moriom wins Honorable Mention at Nonplussed Fest in Los Angeles

Nonplussed Fest

July 12 2017:

Half-Life in Fukushima wins Best Documentary at Broadway International Film Festival.

July 9 2017:

The Broadway International Film Festival (in association with New York Film Week and Manhattan Independent Film Festival) will screen Demi vie à Fukushima / Half life in Fukushima on July 9 at Videology Bar & Cinema, Brooklyn, New York.

Broadway International Film Festival

July 1st 2017:

Half-life in Fukushima is competing at the Cayman Islands International Film Festival

Cayman Islands International Film Festival


June 25 2017:

Moriom will compete at London Indian Film Festival.

London Indian Film Festival

June 14 2017:

Moriom in her new shop.

Moriom Facebook Page

June 13 2017:

Moriom won the award for the BEST DOCUMENTARY at the 5th Altan Khalis Independent Film Festival in Mongolia.

June 9 2017:

Mongolian premiere of Moriom at AKIFF Film Festival in Ulaanbaatar

AKIFF Film Festival

June 2nd 2017:

Romanian premiere for Half Life in Fukushima at Transilvania Film Festival


June 2nd 2017:

Corean premier for Half-life in Fukushima at Seoul Human Rights Film Festival

Seoul Human Rights Film Festival

April 23 2017:

Moriom wins prizes of best documentary and Social impact awards at the 3rd Culture Film Festival, Hong Kong

the 3rd Culture Film Festival

April 22 2017:

Lelo l’insoumise wins Perspectives d’un doc à Visions du Réel


April 20 2017:

Moriom wins honorable mention at Nashville Film Festival


April 18 2017:

Moriom wins  best documentary at Landshut Film Festival

DOK Award / Bester Dokumentarfilm

March 13 2017:

Half-life in Fukushima premiers in the US at San Francisco Film Festival


Half-life in Fukushima

March, European premiere

  • Estonian premiere in Tartu at World Film Festival
  • Belgian premiere at Millenium Film Festival
  • Dutch premiere at Movie That Matters
  • Ukrainian premiere at Docudays International Human Rights Film Festival

March 14 2017:

Half-life in Fukushima wins Best Documentary at Silk Road Film Festival

Silk Road Film Festival

In March 2017:

« Half-Life in Fukushima » screened in Cinema in German-speaking Swiss.

  • Stüssihof in Zurich, from may 18 to 24
  • At the Xenix in Zurich from may 12 with «DOK um sechs»
  • Filmpodium in Biel/Bienne the 24 and 25 april
  • Stattkino in Lucerne from 23 March
    Cinématte in Berne from 20 March

March 3rd 2017:

« Half-Life in Fukushima » Japanese premiere at Green Image Film Festival. Screening: 20h15 at Hibiya Library & Museum Convention hall

Silk Road Film FestivalGreen Image Film Festival

February 26 2017:

« Half-Life in Fukushima » screened on Swiss TV RTS Deux, 22h.

Les Docs – RTS

February 25 2017:

« Moriom » screened at Portland International Film Festival. In international competition program “Distant Tales” at 13h at Whitsell Auditorium.

Portland International Film Festival

February 16 2017:

« Half-Life in Fukushima » French premiere at Poitiers at Filmer le travail Film Festival. Screening : TAP Castille, 16h30, in competition International.

Festival International – Filmer le travail

January 29 2017:

« Moriom » wins the honorable mention at Minimalen Film Festival, Trondheim, Norway.

Minimalen Film Festival

January 28 2017:

« Moriom » wins the second prize at Todi Human Rights Film Festival, Italy

Diritti a Todi – Human Rights International Film Festival

January 26 2017:

« Moriom » wins the jury award at Slamdance Film Festival (qualifying for Academy Awards), Park City, USA.

Slamdance Film Festival

November 20 2016:

« Moriom » wins the audience award at Cinemazero Film Festival in Trento, Italy.

Festival Cinemazero

November 14 2016:

« Moriom » wins the jury award at FRONTDOC, à Aoste, Italie.

FRONTDOC International Film Festival

October 25 2016:

« Moriom » wins the Golden Plaque at Chicago International Film Festival, Chiacgo, USA.

Chicago International Film Festival