Work in progress


Hedgehogs by Francesca Scalisi, short-movie in financing stage.
After a dazzling carrier as a sports-man, Jean, 45 years, goes from job to job, without any satisfaction. At the same time he trains his daughter Lea, rising star of competitive diving. The day of an important competition, an unexpected event is going to change the relationship between them.

L’Etreinte by Mark Olexa, feauture length documentary in development .
A sensual and dramatic ”huit clos” inside a wrestling training room in Switzerland.

photo: Charlotte Walker

La petite mort by Annie Gisler, short-documentary in financing stage.
An intimate and varied portrait of female orgasm.

Gladiators.a different world by Arūnas Matelis, a feauture length documentary.
Produced by Studio Nominum, co-produced by Stefilm, VFS, Planet Korda, Dearcan Media, Associate Directors and DOK MOBILE. In post production.
Three weeks of racing and only two days of rest: 3600 Km. The protagonists are incredibly obstinate warriors, faithful to their dream of living according to a code of honour still unknown to the outside world.

Digitalcurry by Mark Olexa and Francesca Scalisi, long-métrage, 75′, in post production.
In a region in between land and water, where life is hard and where connections with the outer world are almost inexistent, a young woman tries to escape a tragic destiny. In order to achieve this aim she will have to change the world around her through the use of the internet and the introduction of new technologies.